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What We Provide

Site Work Services

Total Grounds offers complete site work and excavation services. We have machines and licensed operators for new housing lots, replacement leach fields, damaged sewer or water pipe replacement, slope regrading and more. 

Septic Installations

Homeowners, do you have a septic system and leach field that is failing or reaching the end of its useful life? 


We can help.  Total Grounds is licensed in New Hampshire with the Department of Environmental Services as an Installer of Subsurface Disposal Systems, which means we can install or replace your new or failed septic system.

- New Septic System Installations

- Replacement Septic Systems

Excavation Projects

Contractors, why hire separate companies to do your site work and landscaping?

With Total Grounds you can gain efficiencies by using our crews to handle all the beginning stage excavation needs of a new construction project and we can finish the project with the landscaping installation. Total Grounds: from start to finish.

- Residential House Lot Excavation
- Light Commercial Excavation
- Lawn Renovations & Installations
- Gravel & Stone Driveways
- Drainage & Grading Work
- Culvert Repairs

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